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Attorney Joel M. Garson helps with every stage of the criminal process, from investigation to sentencing. Joel addresses every issue in each unique case, and he regularly assists with bail reductions, DMV hearings, asset forfeiture, finding alternatives to jail time such as home confinement or drug treatment, and much more. He evaluates each case with a fine-tooth comb, looking for any legal defenses you might have, such as an illegal stop, arrest or search, denial of a speedy trial, Miranda violations, alibi, self-defense, mental defenses, drug diversion, civil compromise, prosecutorial misconduct, Brady violations, and many more. This is what over 30 years of success brings.

Juvenile Defense

Misdemeanor Offenses

Felony Offenses


Drug Possession / Sales

Burglary, Robbery, Theft

Fraud, Identity Theft

Gang Crimes

Sex Crimes


Domestic Violence


While we can never promise results in individual cases, and your outcome will depend on your specific circumstances, the following are only some examples of results obtained for clients by Joel M. Garson:

David G.: Two counts of kidnapping for ransom. Jury acquittal of everything.
A.K.: Three counts of gang activity and attempted murder, filed as an adult. Resolved for 4 years in juvenile hall.
Oscar D.: Four counts of rape. Jury acquittal of everything.
Daniel T.: One count of spousal rape. Jury acquittal.
Juan B.: Two counts of gang activity and attempted murder. Jury acquittal of everything.
Michael B: Three Strikes assault. Case dismissed.
Rosember J.: DUI, case dismissed.
Jamie J.: Possession of drugs for sale. Jury acquittal.
Albert P.: Manufacturing concentrated cannabis. Jury acquittal.
Tariq S.: Assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury. Settled for a misdemeanor offense and no jail.

Criminal charges come with potentially serious penalties. For many offenses, you face a possible costly fine, probation, or time behind bars. Having a conviction on your record can affect employment, educational opportunities, housing, and more for years to come. Why risk jeopardizing your entire future by not seeking the highest quality of legal representation? Contact attorney Joel M. Garson to discuss your situation as soon as possible.


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