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During the more than 30 years of his career as a defense attorney, Joel M. Garson has successfully represented thousands of clients facing difficult legal cases that threaten all the things important to them. He has built a treasure chest of strategies that will work for you.





Have you been arrested? Do you face pending criminal charges? Do you suspect you may be under investigation for a crime? Has your child or another loved one been accused of a crime or face incarceration? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, do not hesitate to call criminal defense Attorney Joel M. Garson right away. After almost three decades of law practice, he knows how to handle any type of criminal matter and can help you in any of the above situations.

From trespassing to felony assault; from DUI to vehicular homicide; from marijuana to methamphetamine; from juvenile delinquency to elder abuse; from vandalism to gang homicides; and everything in between, attorney Joel M. Garson knows how to stand up for your rights.



Thank you for your good counsel for me and for my son in these past 5 years! We have always appreciated your responsiveness, your steady direction, and how comfortable we feel during stressful experiences. I also thank you for presenting viable options for best outcomes and then your follow up with my family to ensure we have been accommodated. There are so many attorneys in Southern California but I’m grateful our family found you! I have always appreciated your good counsel, Joel, I really do appreciate you. So much.

– Lynn K.

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help Francisco and getting him home to our family. You’ve been a blessing to this family and did what others couldn’t seem to accomplish. We will forever be grateful for what you’ve done for our son. You are a great human being bringing families back together!

– Francisco M. Family

I am truly grateful for your diligence and advocacy.

– Josh W.

A few years ago the police pulled me over and did a search and they found your business card. The only thing they spoke to me about was how the police are afraid of you and you are one of the best criminal defense attorneys out there.

– Kristina L.

Attorney Joel presented a good defense on behalf of my son. He was attentive to my family’s needs, always readily available, he made sure my son’s mental state was taken into consideration and his childhood trauma. Joel made us feel like he was always fighting for my son and was always up front about the reality and seriousness of the case and what he could possibly do. I am grateful for all of the time and effort Joel put into this case.

– Patricia S.



| Helping you with what’s happening now and moving forward

Police interrogation, arrest, bail, court appearances, DMV hearings, investigations and more can make life very difficult. There are ways to manage and minimize the impact of these life altering events as you work with Joel one on one toward the best positive outcome.

| Experience is the key that benefits you

Joel has helped thousands of clients with a wide variety of issues over 31 years. With his skills and experience, with over 200 jury trials, he draws from years of successful and creative ideas and strategies for his clients as well as making the most of the contacts he has and the connections he’s made.

| Accessibility

At some larger firms, you may meet and communicate with your attorney once or twice during the entire course of your case – everything else will be handled by young associates, paralegals or secretaries. We provide personalized and compassionate legal assistance. Joel takes all of his calls if he is available.

| Providing Perspective for Your Peace of Mind

An arrest can be a terrifying experience. Even the possibility of charges or investigation can be incredibly stressful. If you find out you are under investigation by police or have been charged with a crime, your future will be uncertain. You will naturally be concerned about your finances, freedom, reputation, and more. But you might not know where to turn. Something you can be certain of - Attorney Joel M. Garson is here to help you. He will assist clients paralyzed by fear of the unknown. Experienced perspective up front will alleviate a lot of the emotional turmoil.

| Representation You Can Trust

No judgment here. No matter what your charge may be, he will never pass judgment and will strive to build the most effective defense available in your case. Joel devotes his law practice solely to the defense of those accused of crimes. He represents clients facing a wide array of charges, from petty theft to homicide, juvenile to adult. Joel has spent his entire career working for the underdog, fighting the powers that be - from the police to the jails to the District Attorney’s office.

| Aggressive Representation

Unfortunately, some Attorneys settle cases for the sake of expediency, even when it’s not in the client’s best interest to do so. Having done over 200 jury trials, Joel doesn’t back down from a trial, nor will he hesitate to take a case to trial if this is the best course of action for you. Likewise, Joel will seek the best possible settlement for cases which should be settled. Prosecutors know Joel is not afraid to go to trial, which leads to better settlement results.



Attorney Joel M. Garson helps with every stage of the criminal process, from investigation to sentencing. Joel addresses every issue in each unique case, and he regularly assists with bail reductions, DMV hearings, asset forfeiture, finding alternatives to jail time such as home confinement or drug treatment, and much more. He evaluates each case with a fine-tooth comb, looking for any legal defenses you might have, such as an illegal stop, arrest or search, denial of a speedy trial, Miranda violations, alibi, self-defense, mental defenses, drug diversion, civil compromise, prosecutorial misconduct, Brady violations, and many more. This is what 31 years of success brings.



Joel Garson is very familiar with the alternatives to prosecution. We evaluate the circumstances of each case, keeping our client's freedom as our first priority.



Mr. Garson understands the serious nature of this offense, how best to defend you, and will work to resolve your case with the best outcome possible.



When facing criminal charges for drug possession, sales or any other drug offense, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side you can trust to protect your legal rights.



Mr. Garson can help you understand all the legal ramifications of the charges facing you, analyze each detail of your case and help you preserve your integrity and uphold your innocence.



Mr. Garson is experienced in complicated legal defense cases and will give your case his personal attention, examine the evidence thoroughly, and come up with an aggressive legal strategy to protect your rights.



The prosecution has the burden of proof to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed identity theft. If a single element of the offense is missing, then you cannot be convicted.




Criminal charges come with potentially serious penalties. For many offenses, you face a possible costly fine, probation, or time behind bars. Having a conviction on your record can affect employment, educational opportunities, housing, and more for years to come. Why risk jeopardizing your entire future by not seeking the highest quality of legal representation? Call attorney Joel M. Garson to discuss your situation as soon as possible.




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